A Community Collaboration Between IU Health and St. Vincent Health

Dr. Lipson and Dr. Uyesugi review brain images

Researchers Dr. Flora Hammond and Dr. Jim Malec

Dr. Lance Trexler views brain images

Innovation brings new hope.

Medical rehabilitation is a complex, interdisciplinary system of inpatient and outpatient therapies that is part of more complex system that includes emergent and acute care following catastrophic illness or injury as well as networks that provide long term services and support. This system and its components provide opportunities for a broad diversity of applied research studies. The targets of current research at RHI range from interventions to reduce disability to ways to better measure rehabilitation effectiveness to leading edge methods to evaluate patients and maximize their outcomes.

Translational Research Vision


A program of translational research integrated with clinical practice that establishes RHI as a world class
neuroscience rehabilitation center.


Overview of the Translational Research Studies RHI Conducts :


  • Identifying medications that enhance recovery following brain injury,
  • Identifying commonly prescribed medications following brain injury that may have adverse effects on recovery
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of group therapy for patients and families to improve coping skills
  • Improving return to work rates by developing networks of community services
  • Studying outcomes (community reintegration, well-being, life satisfaction) after brain and spinal injuries
  • Collaborating with the Mayo Clinic Traumatic Brain Injury System, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indiana University Health, St. Vincent’s, and Purdue University





As we continue to grow as a rehabilitation hospital and a leader in medicine and research development, RHI invites physicians to contact us about patients that could be eligible for rehabilitation and participation in our studies and medical advancement. The partnership between RHI and physicians is important in the continual effort to support and provide the best care for the patient.

Current Studies & Research

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