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Visions of Victory Gala


Since 1996, the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana has hosted an annual “Visions of Victory” Gala event. This event takes place every spring in downtown Indianapolis and averages around 400 people in attendance. The gala is held to create awareness for adaptive sports and to provide support to the RHI Sports Program’s mission.


Each year a very accomplished Paralympic/adaptive sports athlete is brought in to be presented with the RHI Sports Victory Award for their achievements and to share their story to inspire our athletes and others. The event includes dinner, a large silent auction, and is casino night themed. For more information on this event including sponsorship possibilities, please contact the RHI Sports office at 317-329-2281.



2014 Victory Award Winner




















Jacqui Kapinowski, US Para-Triathlon Team Member


Jacqui has been in love with the sport of running from a young age until she was diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis at the age of 23 and again at the age of 28.  No one thought she would make it out of the hospital alive! Jacqui survived this disease only to find out there was more to come. Seizures started at the age of 35 and her body started to change.  Numbness and spasms began in her legs, stomach, head & neck.  Jacqui’s spine started going abnormal (swayback) and having fluctuating severe muscles spasms & progressive stiffness.  It took four years to diagnose this rare progressive neurological disorder for which there’s no cure for called “Stiff Person Syndrome.”


Before Jacqui became a full-time wheelchair user,  she ran 19 marathons & numerous other races.  To this date, she has completed 71 marathons; 52 while in her racing chair and/or handcycle.  Jacqui has also competed in multiple triathlons. In 2007, she earned a spot on USA Curling Team and competed in the 2010 Paralympics in Vancouver, finishing (4th).  During her time on the team, Jacqui earned 5 Gold medals.  She retired from the sport of curling in 2011 and quickly picked up the sport of rowing.  


Jacqui earned a spot on the USA Rowing Team but unfortunately, she suffered a severe spasm which led to the fractures of her L4 and L5 vertebrae as well as breaking multiple ribs; it ended her rowing career.   In 2013, Jacqui qualified to try out for Team USA in the sport of para-triathlon.  She earned a gold medal at the National Championships and a coveted position to compete in the World Championships in London, where she would go on to win a Bronze medal.  She is currently training and preparing in hopes of representing our country in the 2016 Paralympics in Rio and she just completed her first Ironman this past November. 




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